Single Ritual Kit Rose Almond Bird's Nest
Infused with rose to give a touch of delicate flavour, this anti-oxidant rich bloom is perfect to wind down with at the end of the day when you need some pampering. Origin: France & Bulgaria Soft rose petals are distilled...
$132.00 $109.00
Heritage Bloom Pandan Rock Sugar Bird's Nest (Orchid)
With just traditional Rock Sugar with Pandan, its simplicity is all that is needed to remind us of home, truly. Just the way it was made by our mothers. Origin: Singapore The orchid is known for its resilience, vibrance and...
$61.00 $55.00
Almond Bird's Nest (Chrysanthemum)
$55.00 $50.00
Almond Bird's Nest (Chrysanthemum)
Carefully selected bird's nest is balanced by the rich and lush flavor of the finest almonds and a hint of pure rock sugar – an original that is a beloved staple in every pampering ritual. The Lush Base Of Every...
$55.00 $50.00
Red Ginseng Bird's Nest (Dahlia)
$61.00 $55.00
Red Ginseng Bird's Nest (Dahlia)
Infused with highly concentrated premium ginsenoside extract that boasts 13 unique patents in extraction techniques. The Red Ginseng Bloom is a perfect matrimony of two traditional & powerful wellness tonics for modern self-care rituals. Experience a well-rounded boost to your...
$61.00 $55.00
Vanilla Bean Bird's Nest (Carnation)
The finest vanilla beans adds a warm and fragrant note to our quintessentially rich almond base. Infused with the calming properties of vanilla, this bloom is a perfect treat to unwind and relax with after a stressful day. Origin: Africa,...
BRERAMILANO Vintage Biscuits 100g
$22.00 $18.00
BRERAMILANO Vintage Biscuits 100g
Product Summary:  Assorted Italian biscuits 100g  From Breramilano 
$22.00 $18.00
MAJANI Half Orange & Dark Chocolate 230g (Only available as an add-on)
Product Summary:  Half Orange and Chocolate 230g Orange with extra dark chocolate The perfect festive gift!   
OLIVIERI 1882 Classico Cake (Only available as an add-on)
Product Summary:  Classico ARTISAN BAULETTO CAKE NATURALLY LEAVENED 72-hour double fermentation, for a total of 4 days of processing.   **Awarded top 10 handmade Panettone and best artisanal bakeries 2021/2022 in Italy by Gambero Rosso**  
$50.00 $43.00
MAJANI Scorza Legendary Chocolate Bar 150g (Only available as an add-on)
Product Summary: Legendary Scorza dark crumbly chocolate from MAJANI First form of solid chocolate in Italy The perfect festive gift!  38g 

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