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Choosing your wedding dress

04 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Ahh, choosing the wedding dress! ✨Choosing your wedding dress is not an easy process. Take your time with it and we recommend trying out a few different dresses before making the decision.

In this blogpost we'll be sharing some tips before and when choosing the dress. 


Here's an overview of all our tips: 

1. Know your budget 

This is a very important factor when considering your dress. After you've planned your entire wedding budget you would have a better sense of how much you can set aside for your dress.

2. It's ok to love the first dress

Yesss! Some of us may have the misconception that you shouldn't go back to the first dress because that was just a trial dress or the start to all your try-ons. If you really like the first dress and think it suits you well then go for it! 

3. Know your silhouette

You would probably already have a sense of what looks good on you and what doesn't. As such you know which dresses to look out for and if you're unsure of that you can always bring in your trusty bridesmaids to be a second pair of eyes to help see if the dress looks good on you! 

4. Be open to alterations 

Wedding dresses are usually pre-made and might not fit you to the T on the first try. Being open to alterations gives you more options since you're not eliminating more dresses off off your list. 

5. Be open to different styles

On first look some dresses might not be your type but there's really no harm trying them on! You'd be surprised at how many other dresses might be to your liking. 

6. Keep your location in mind

Having a beach wedding? Or one in an outdoor area? It might be better to get a dress that won't get dirty easily or too heavy that it'll get you stuck in the sand.

7. Trust your instincts

Don't doubt yourself! You know yourself best and go with your gut feels even if someone tells you otherwise. 

8. Share what you're looking for in a dress

A key thing you should do especially if you're bringing some friends to come join you in the dress-picking sesh! This will give everyone a clear idea of what to look out for and better narrow down your choices.

Here we have also found some dress styles that you can consider for the big day.

From the classic sweetheart to a more conservative boatneck style, there are so many styles to choose from so be sure to try-on a number of dresses before making the decision!

If you feel that you could use a helping hand with your dress, feel free to reach out to us and we can see how we can help with your needs. Drop us a DM @anahanawed on IG or send us a message here! 

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