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Pink Flowers for Your Adorable Friends

30 Jul 2021

Pink is a sweet and soft colour that is commonly associated with cute things! Because of this colour's link to adorable things, it's typically thought of as a feminine colour. However, guys look very good in pink too! (As they say, real men wear pin!) So if you have any friends who love this colour, be inspired by this mood board and buy them pink flowers that will bring out their adorable side!

Pink flowers

Pink preserved flowers bloom box on top left: Pink O'Bloom Box

Pink and white fresh roses bouquet on top right: First Love

Pink preserved baby's breath in acrylic casing bouquet on bottom left: Nana in Pink with bunny ears

Pink preserved flower dome with Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty Hydrangea Arch Dome

Discover our full collection of pink flowers here!

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Ana Hana

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