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Celebrate Pride Month This June With These 6 Gifts!

27 May 2021

June, the month where summer starts in the northern hemisphere. June, the month where winter starts in the southern hemisphere. June, the month that marks the halfway point of a year. But most importantly, June, the month of Pride! 

June is dedicated to the LGBTQ community, the Stonewall riots and the impact both have had on the world. It's a very meaningful month where queer people from all over the world come together to celebrate, to empower each other and themselves, and to express and be themselves. However, due to the pandemic, it's much safer to stay at home instead of going out onto the streets to celebrate. Even so, we believe that Pride month should still be commemorated!

If you can't hang out in public and going over to a friend's house is not possible either, you can consider sending meaningful gifts over to let your chosen family know that this Pride, you're with them spiritually!

So, let's take a look at the list of gifts we've compiled just for Pride month!

1. Rainbow Tedi Rose Bear (テディ)

Rainbow Tedi Rose Bear (テディ)

Our Rainbow Tedi Rose Bear is handmade with roses and can last forever with no care needed! It's the perfect decoration piece for anyone who works in an office or whose shelf at home have an empty space. Best of all? It's cute!

2. Unicorns and Rainbows Parade (Rainbow Hydrangea)

Unicorns and Rainbows parade (Rainbow Hydrangea)

Look at these soft pastel colours! We're sure every LGBTQ person would be happy to receive this beautiful bloom box of rainbow hydrangeas. Not only are the colours pleasing to the eyes, the hydrangeas are also large and round, making the piece an eye-catcher!

3. Haruhi - Forever Love

Haruhi - Forever Love

Our Haruhi - Forever Love is a dome of preserved flowers and foliage which comes in many different colours. There's, of course, one that is rainbow-themed too - The 'Dream' Haruhi! 'Dream' Haruhi comes in pastel rainbow colours, as shown above. Sitting in an adorable little glass dome, 'Dream' Haruhi is bound to be a favourite of anybody who likes cute things!

4. Rainbow Rose Bloom Box - Luxe Series

Rainbow Rose Bloom Box - Luxe Series

Here we have another bloom box, but of roses and arranged differently from the one with hydrangeas! Our Rainbow Rose Bloom Box features roses placed neatly in a luxurious acrylic box. And depending on whether you choose preserved or fresh flowers (yes, you get to choose which type you prefer!), the bottom layer of the box might be filled with water. If you or your recipient loves all things roses, then this bloom box is the one to get this Pride month!

5. Single Precious Preserved Rose

Single Precious Preserved Rose

Our fifth entry for Pride gifts would be this lovely, single large rose in a glass dome. Handcrafted piece by piece, each and every one of our Single Precious Preserved Rose with foliage is unique! This flower dome also comes in red and blue, but for Pride month, of course we're gonna go with rainbow!

6. Hitoshi


The last entry in this list of rainbow-coloured gifts is an item we created just recently and especially for Pride month - Hitoshi, a preserved flower bouquet! One of the meanings of the word 'Hitoshi' is 'equal' in English. We named this beautiful, colourful bouquet 'Hitoshi' to represent our belief that in love, everybody is equal!

We've now reached the end of our list of 6 gifts curated just for Pride month! Haven't gotten enough of rainbow-themed flowers? Check out the rest of our Pride Collection here.

This June, whether you're LGBTQ yourself or an ally, let's celebrate and make the month memorable with rainbow-themed gifts. Remember to buy one for yourself too! After all, 'if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?'

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us via our website, email, Instagram (@anahanaflower) or via Whatsapp at +65 98569650. We're based in Singapore but can also deliver non-living items overseas. We also do same-day deliveries locally.

Ana Hana

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