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Unboxing Your Flower Dome

10 May 2021
Do you wanna decorate your room with this beautiful flower dome?
Here are some steps on how to properly unbox your very own flower dome at ease!


Step 1:

Open the box and read the letter from your loved ones first


Step 2:

When removing the dome, try not to remove the seal first to prevent the glass from falling when taking it out. Feel free to remove the seal after the flower dome is taken out.


Step 3:

Beautify your lovely home with this flower dome and remember to switch on the warm tone led lights at night to make your night more dazzling!


Things to note about the flower dome:

- The batteries will only be provided locally in Singapore

Here's our Preserved Care Tips 

Visit our website at anahanaflower.com to have a look at the range of unique flower domes and gifts for your loved ones.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us via our website, email, Instagram (@anahanaflower) or via Whatsapp at +65 98569650. We're based in Singapore but can also deliver non-living items overseas. We also do same-day deliveries locally.


Ana Hana

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