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March Flowers: Daffodil and Jonquil

11 Mar 2023

March Flowers

The daffodil and jonquils are among the most popular March flowers. These cheerful blooms bring a bit of sunshine to even the stormiest days. Both plants flower in shades of yellow and white, though you can also find some varieties with a hint of pink or orange. Daffodils, often called narcissi, are bell-shaped flowers with a single bloom that grows atop a long, thin stem. Jonquils are similar in appearance, but the blooms have multiple petals arranged in flat or cupped layers. Both flowers symbolize joy and hope and will bring life to any garden.

Decorating Your Home with Daffodils and Jonquils

Daffodils and jonquils are the perfect choice for brightening up your home in March. Whether you put them in a vase on your kitchen table or add some to a planter on your front porch, these cheerful flowers will instantly cheer up any space.

Cut the daffodil stems long enough so they will reach the top of the container where they can show off their blooms. If you’re using jonquils, cut them short and arrange them around the edges of your container. This will create a cascading effect that’s sure to please. Group several containers together for even greater impact! Whatever your decorating style, these beautiful March flowers are sure to make your home a happier place.

Daffodils Bouquet

If you’re looking for a special gift to give someone in March, why not create a beautiful bouquet of daffodils and jonquils? Place several stems of each in your favorite vase or container and add some filler such as ferns or greenery. This will really show off the cheery blooms! Make sure to wrap the bouquet carefully with cellophane before delivering it so your loved one can enjoy it for days to come. Nothing says "spring is here" like a cheerful bouquet of flowers! No matter how you choose to use them, daffodils and jonquils are sure to bring joy and beauty into any space during the month of March. You can give it as a gift, or use it to decorate your home or garden.

Jonquil Bouquets

For a softer, more subtle effect, try creating a bouquet with jonquils. Their flat petals give them a delicate look that’s perfect for springtime decor. Jonquils are also incredibly fragrant and will fill your home with their sweet scent. Choose colors in shades of yellow and white for a classic look or go for something bolder with orange and pink varieties. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong! Each sprig of jonquils carries its own unique message of love and friendship.

Enjoy the month of March with these blooms and create a brighter, more cheerful space that you can enjoy all season long. Whether you’re planting them in your garden or giving them as a gift, daffodils and jonquils are sure to bring joy to any home!

Happy Spring! 🌷🌼🌸

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