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4 Ways to Instantly Fall Into Christmas Mood (Contest Information Below!)

14 Dec 2018
2018 have been a great year and the best way to reward ourselves is to indulge into this year end festive season. Christmas and New Year are round the corner and we are all getting excited about it! Our team at Ana Hana tend to fall deep into these festive season, we have just finished decorating our amazing 3meters Christmas Tree! And there are so much more to do!
The season of joy, here are some ideas that can enhance your festive season!
1) Get your Christmas Tree!
The fastest way to get into the mood, is get your Christmas Tree and decorate it! Whether big or small!
This is our Christmas Tree!
Treasure Hunt!!! CONTEST ONE! If you happen to find it, please don't be shy and take a photo with it. Please post and tag us on Instagram/Facebook: @anahanaflower with #anahanatreasure
Prize: We would love to send you a beautiful Christmas Set to get you into the mood!
Ana Hana's XMAS Treasure Hunt:
1) Find our Christmas Tree (Hint: Serangoon), and snap a beautiful photo with it, with your pretty face inside of course!
2) Post on Instagram & Facebook and share! Please tag us @anahanaflower and #anahanaflowertreasure.
3) We will get in touch with you to arrange shortly!
Read on for CONTEST TWO!
2) Beautify your environment with Christmas Flowers!
Let us help you put the ho ho ho in your holiday decorations this year. Flowers and Plants are a beloved part of many Christmas traditions. The Red and White colour combination, whether on a table centrepiece, vase or bouquet, will definitely be a beautiful decor to have!
In short, we have Christmas Flowers available on our store as well. :D
Ana Hana's Best Christmas Decor:
1) Post your Christmas Decor on Instagram & Facebook, Like our page Ana Hana Flowers & Share your post tagging @anahanaflower, #anahanachristmas
2) Gather likes for your post.
3) Highest likes by 23rd Dec wins!
3) Decorate your Living Room
Your living room is the center of the action, you definitely want your living room to be the highlight of your home! Here are some ideas from The Spruces, on 21 Beautiful Ways to Decorate The Living Room For Christmas
4) Create your Christmas Aroma
Do you know you can actually make your own Christmas Aroma? We sure are going to do it on Christmas Day! Have you actually smell Christmas? The "Christmas Scent" is usually most likely due to a combination of cinnamon, cloves, orange, pine tree, nutmeg, or peppermint. Check out 18 easy DIY ways from CountryLiving to make your home smell like Christmas – the easiest way to evoke the Christmas spirit.
Our team will be doing the above 4 activities into the Christmas festive season. Lets all have a blast this year end and recharge for a challenging 2019!
Keep it alive!
With Love
Ana Hana
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