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Flower 101

All about Ranunculus

by marketing team 11 Apr 2021

Ranunculus flowers can be recognised by their rose-like blossoms and thin petals. They are unique flowers that come in many different colours. Here are some facts about ranunculus!


The name of the ranunculus flower is derived from a combination of two Latin words — "rana" and "unculus" which means "frog" and "little" respectively. It is assumed that the ranunculus got its name due to how it grows in abundance near streams during spring, similar to little frogs.


Ranunculus symbolises charm, attractiveness and beauty. It is an appropriate choice to send ranunculus flowers to someone you admire!


Ranunculus flowers are a popular choice as wedding flowers due to their soft petals which make them look romantic. Their wide variety of colours also make them a suitable for many different bouquet colour palettes!


Ranunculus flowers come in many different colours and each has their own meaning! Red represents passion and romance; pink represents love and gentleness; orange represents joy and happiness; purple represents royalty while white represents elegance and pure love. 


Ranunculus can be included in bouquets or floral arrangements to add a pop of colour through colour contrast or can be used to complement and add more colour to a multicoloured arrangement. 

We hope you have gotten to know more about ranunculus through these fun facts! Send your loved ones some ranunculus today!

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